Yoga And Weight Loss

Hi, Friends,

Have you before heard the word Yoga in your life or followed any moves or posture to live healthier till your life ends? Is it true, by doing yoga in your routine life will support to burn fat faster, reduce body size or obese for having healthy well-being?

Of course, Yoga plays a significant role in our living lifestyle, and always we are doing some of the poses in our routine activity which has been followed by many Yogi’s and Gurus. But we don’t know that what we are doing at home or office or where ever it is. Actually, from morning to night we are doing many poses and movements like walking, running, standing, sitting, bending, lying on the floor or bed in different positions and much more. But we don’t know that we have done some of the active yoga postures to activate the functions of all the organs for a better living.

Yoga is empowering the power of your total body and mind by stretching, adjusting, the flexibility of your body in right posture that will boost the functions of all the organs for expanding your lifespan as well as supports to get peace of mind with good health. When you start doing yoga with right poses will help to get physical and mental freshness to carry out routine life with more happiness.

Nowadays most of the people surfing online to know the instant way for losing weight, fat from trouble spots of their body and they were hardly spending too much of money on medications, drugs, pills, surgery, strict diet plan and workouts to reduce their body weight as well as fat. But it never provides permanent relief, and it leads to getting side effects with related health issues. Maybe again it leads to gain weight faster when they stop following those instant relievers from their daily life.

But when you start to follow yoga, you will get the opportunity to take control the problem from its causes by doing right posture of yoga techniques to keep activating the functions of all the organs to work properly. It leads to completely erase the leading causes of health issues for having expected health till your life ends.

Yoga Life Experience:

I’m one of the people faced a lot of health problems like obesity, overweight and fat-related chronic health concerns which have entirely damaged my life and overall well-being. My family members, friends and neighbors worried about me and each of them suggested me to follow many things like medications, drugs, pills, workouts, diet, natural method, surgery and much more. But these things made me frustrated and led to end-up of my life.

One day, one of my close friends has pinged me through text message and came home to meet me. She felt worried about my condition as well as she tries a lot to motivate me with positive things for changing my mood and mindset. She helped me to make simple body flexible and stretchable moves at my home with funny activities. I don’t know what she is trying to do for me and I enjoyed to do that movements and flexible as my routine life. After few days, I realized that I have lost almost 15 pounds in 3 weeks and felt more energetic to keep moving my life.

I surprised by calling her to know that I have lost my weight and I eagerly wants to share my feelings with a lot of happiness to her. I asked her, what you have done to me and how it happens to me? At the time she explained me about Yoga and its health benefits. I came to realize that she taught some funny movements are one part of the yoga movements that leads to activate total body metabolism for burning fat faster and also increases immunity power to override the upcoming diseases with better health. Right now I feel the happiness that she gave to me by knowing the importance of yoga which helps to lose weight faster.

So, I’m here to share that straightforward and effective Yoga moves which help to burn fat faster as well as reducing the size of your body in short period. Here I have mentioned few of the Yoga movement that I followed to lose weight and get back complete health quickly.

  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana – Upward Facing Dog Pose
  • Ardha Pincha Mayurasana – Dolphin Pose
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Dog Pose
  • Chaturanga Dandasana – Four-Limbed Staff Pose, Low Plank Pose
  • Naukasana – Boat Pose
  • Anantasana – Vishnu’s Couch Pose
  • Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose
  • Baddha Konasana – Cobbler Pose
  • Malasana – Garland Pose
  • Anjaneyasana – Crescent Pose
  • Padangusthasana – Big Toe Pose
  • Virabhadrasana 2 – Warrior 2 Pose
  • And Much More

Posting this article is not only about sharing my personal experience, but it has a useful information for people who are still struggling to lose weight and stubborn fat from their body parts can use this opportunity to turn fit by doing simple Yoga movements in your daily life to experience desired life. Even it helps to keep away your mental stress and allows you to live healthy with dreamed body shape, fitness, and health as permanent for enjoying your life happily forever. Don’t lose your hope and confidence level. Keep moving on to experience better life with good health and happiness until the end of your life.